Hydraulic Components

hydraulic system accessories strainer filter breather valve gauge

Hydraulic Accessory

All types of accessories to make your hydraulic systems more reliable.

Solenoid operated directional valve

Solenoid Valve

Sourcing reliable solenoid valves has never been so affordable!

hydraulic pump

Hydraulic Pump

Our line of vane/piston/gear pumps strikes a good balance between durability and cost. They have the same performance as the name brand pumps, but at only a fraction of cost. Contact Us for more information and pricing.


Metal Alloy Casting

We specialize in steel, iron, aluminum, & copper alloy castings for various applications by sand casting or investment casting processes.

To compliment the casting, full machining service is offered to save you time & cost.

aluminum die casting parts

Die Casting

Our engineering team & production capability can help you bring your product to the market sooner while saving time & cost. Check out the parts we have produced or Contact Us about your projects today.


wire mesh cage for warehouse storage

Folding Wire Mesh Cage